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Redditball is a social network, whose profound curiosity covers everything. Literally. Reddit also has two children: Upvote (positive feelings) and Downvote (negative feelings). It's also the home of /r/polandball. 1 Relations 1.1 Friends 1.2 Enemies 2 Gallery 3 Other Twitterbird - Tweet Tweet, nice friend YouTubebrick - Good friend Imgurball - My sister Imgflipball - My son. I am not PolandballCommunity is a meta sub for talking about all things related to r/polandball. Here you can get in touch with other users, engage in discussions, and participate in collaborative projects and events.

Polandball reddit tutorial

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http://i.imgur.com/ 2W1zu2U.png#shelf-tutorial = The rules of Polandball, from the official Polandball subreddit. http://www.reddit.com/r/polandball/ = The official Polandball subredd 9 Mar 2015 And by polandball, I mean /r/polandball (the reddit). 1. First things first, read the polandball tutorial[i.imgur.com], just do it. Also, read the Engrish  Maps for Mappers | Space Maps | Polandball Maps | National and Regional Maps | Fantasy countryball, polandball, world map, map, geography, youtube, reddit. Maps For Mappers Countryballs; Mental Maps Geography Lesson; Google  Polandball combines history, geography, Engrish, and an inferiority complex.

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Hopefully everyone has learnt something from this! ----- Medibee's Reddit: https://www.

Polandball reddit tutorial

Allmän tråd för bilder av universell natur. [Arkiv] - Sidan 74

Polandball reddit tutorial

The characters often interact in broken English, commonly known as Engrish (with the exception of countryballs that speak English natively. [citation needed]) The dialog typically uses regional and tutorial | Comics about Countryballs / Polandballs. Countryball Comics: Polandball Comics Archive IMPORTANT: This sub has been decomissioned and now serves as an archive only. If you are looking for collabs, community talk and advice, go to r/polandballcommunity. It started on a German image board, called Krautchan. Similar to 4chan, it has /int/ (international section) where only English is the main language.

Polandball reddit tutorial

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Indeed, the guidelines on r/polandball  r/polandball: Wiggly mouse-drawn comics where balls represent different countries. They poke fun at national a ComicOld RedditContests. Tutorials & Help. Amongst these tutorials are what is referred to as a "Joke Life Preserve", which is a list of features of Polandball comics not to be posted on the subreddit. Exploring Register Variation on Reddit: A multi-dimensional study In /r/ polandball (for posting "polandball" comics, typically "Semi Realistic Map Tutorial".

Polandball (znany również pod nazwą countryball) – mem internetowy zapoczątkowany przez użytkowników niemieckiego imageboardu krautchan.net w drugiej połowie 2009 r. Mem ma formę komiksu internetowego , w którym poszczególne państwa zostały przedstawione jako kuliste postacie, często posługujące się łamanym angielskim , wyśmiewające narodowe stereotypy i relacje między If yuo don't knowz ze polandball, then yuo no polandball and yuo cannot into space! Take this test to see if yuo polandball.
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r/polandball: Wiggly mouse-drawn comics where balls represent different countries. They poke fun at national stereotypes and the "international … April Fools 2014. As part of the /r/polandball 2014 april fools prank, the tutorial was changed to fit 'new rules'.These included allowing (and even highly encouraging to) addings lines … r/polandball: Wiggly mouse-drawn comics where balls represent different countries. They poke fun at national stereotypes and the "international … The "Official" Polandball tutorials (manual of style) are a series of images and descriptions produced on r/polandball that describe how a Polandball comic should be designed and submitted (according to their policies).

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Our contest Science Gone Too Far has concluded and while it was full of science that went horribly wrong, for one lucky polandballer it ended up with Hussar Wings! You can't halt the progress after all. Polandball: Not Safe For World. The world is in danger, rioters rioting, terrorists terrorising, zombies zombieing.