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Popularizing Environmental Humanities är ett projekt som undersöker strategier och möjligheten att kommunicera miljöhumaniora via digitala plattformar och  Kort titel, UH Environmental Humanities Hub. Status, Pågående. Gällande start-/​slutdatum, 01/09/2018 → … Visa alla. Visa färre. Gå till projekt. http://University  Formas - ett forskningsråd för hållbar utveckling. Formas har till uppgift att främja och stödja grundforskning och behovsmotiverad forskning inom områdena miljö​  Division of History of Science, Technology and Environment, KTH Royal Experimental and postdisciplinary workshop in Environmental Humanities writing​.

Environmental humanities

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Fri frakt. Alltid bra  StartTidskrifter Environmental Humanities. Environmental Humanities, 2201-​1919. Tidskrift.

Toxic Autobiographies : A Public Environmental Humanities

Publish interdisciplinary papers that do not fit comfortably within the established environmental subdisciplines, and 2. Publish high-quality Environmental Humanities - Human places in environmental contexts, 7.5 hp. Det finns inga tidigare terminer för kursen Autumn Term 2021 Det finns inga senare terminer för kursen. Starts.

Environmental humanities

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Environmental humanities

universities and university colleges with social sciences , humanities - related natural intensified and demands on environmental considerations increase ?

Environmental humanities

The question of how we interact with our natural environment is as much a problem of the imagination as it is of rising CO2-levels. From storied to porous landscapes: antiquity, the environmental humanities, and the case for long-term histories. GAIA - Ecological Perspectives for Science and Society, Vol. 29, Issue. 4, p. 230. CrossRef Helsinki Environmental Humanities. The University of Helsinki Environmental Humanities Hub studies the multifaceted cultural and relational dimensions of anthropogenic environmental change, which is one of the most pressing challenges that humanity currently faces.
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In attending to such questions, scholars share a mode of enquiry that is open, reflective and imaginative, but that also seeks to translate research into new transformational forms of knowledge. The environmental humanities are characterised by a hybrid nature, combining skills, methods, and theories from several humanities disciplines – historical, aesthetic, visual, anthropological, etc. – with problems and issues of high relevance for society and informed by science and technology. The environmental humanities is a new and growing field. Listed below you find other centres that focus on topics of interest to the EHL. The Environmental Humanities journal.

Come, join us! Last day to apply:  Transversal Environmental Humanities In our efforts to make an impact, citizen humanities and artistic outputs are integrated.
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Environmental Humanities - Lunds universitet

We are an interdisciplinary research network, interested in developing collaborative work in the Environmental Humanities throughout Scotland, the UK, and worldwide. In an effort to engage a wider public with humanities perspectives on environmental issues, we created the Environmental Humanities Grant Program. We invited members of the Yale community, including students, faculty, and eligible staff, to submit proposals for funding for public humanities projects broadly related to the environment.

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The Seed Box - Environmental Humanities Collaboratory

PDF | On Jan 1, 2017, Serpil Oppermann and others published Introduction: The Environmental Humanities and the Challenges of the Anthropocene | Find, read  Environmental humanities are dedicated to reconsider the society and the social change in general, according to the relation of the human communities to the  13 May 2019 says Dr. Nibedita Bandyopadhyay who did her Ph.D. in English at IIT Kanpur with a specialisation in Environmental Humanities. Her journal  The Environmental Humanities is a broad term for humanities disciplines as they are applied to thinking about environmental questions and responding to  Environmental Humanities. The environmental humanities are a growing interdisciplinary research field that aims to strengthen the contribution of the humanities  Environmental humanities is a research field that approaches environmental research from a humanities perspectives, while building interdisciplinary research  The research group Environmental Humanities shall initiate, coordinate and develop integrated interdisciplinary research projects and highlight the relevant and  The CHCI member network Humanities for the Environment serves as a network and resource for centers to develop (or extend) programming, research and  Environmental humanities. Explore the relationship between nature and culture.